11:30AM – 13:00 PM Nepali Time
Exhibition Road, Kathmandu
Jineolojî – An Alternative Science for the Women’s Revolution

The Jineolojî Centre invites you to join the exchange and discussion at the WSF 2024 around the questions “Why do we need a women’s revolution in the 21st century? What are our resources? And how can we realize it?”

We believe that through the process of mutual learning, sharing our ideas, stories, poems and songs, organising networks and common struggles with women from all parts of the world we can broaden our horizons and deepen our analysis to make another world and a free society possible.

Jineolojî means the science of women, life and society. It has been developed in the context of the women’s liberation struggle in Kurdistan. It is based on the awareness that the question of women's liberation cannot be postponed „after the revolution“, but needs to be the core of any revolutionary struggle and movement. On this basis autonomous women’s organising has been the foundation for radical democratic changes in society and in the fight against patriarchy, colonialism, capitalism, all forms of oppression and state power. Along with organising in local women’s communes and councils, women’s cooperatives, building up women academies and women’s self-defence units we have realised that the actual  revolution starts in our minds: If we want to build up a free life, free relations and a free society, that do not reproduce power structures we have to think and learn, to know and live in a different and radical way.

For this purpose Jineolojî has been developed as an alternative science and method with the aim to collect and connect women’s wisdom and knowledge, to share and develop analysis from and for the women’s revolution. What we call ‘women’s revolution’ aims to liberate all kinds of relations between men and women from sexism, and to transform and to rebuild them according to the theory of free coexistence. Women’s revolution actually means a process of organising, creating awareness and new ways of communal living and learning. Something that is happening here and now.

This understanding of revolution is also reflected in the terms Jin – Jiyan – Azadî! (Women – Life – Freedom). These three Kurdish words gained international attention with the uprisings in Eastern Kurdistan and Iran following the assassination of Jina Emini by Iranian state forces in September 2022. They express the spirit and the program of a women’s revolution that strives to overcome the devastating patriarchal and capitalist logic of dividing, ruling, exploiting, extracting and killing our lives and mother earth. They expresses the revolutionary dedication of women to insist on defending and building a free, meaningful life.

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