1. Program Schedule of WSF2024


    15th Feb. 2024

    Opening of WSF2024     

    11:00-12:30: Solidarity March

    13:30-16:00: Opening ceremony; panel of international speakers

    16:00-18:00: Cultural Program


    16th -18th Feb. 2024

    Thematic panels/activities

    9:00-11:00: 4-5 thematic panels per day (*1)

    11:30-13:00: Parallel Sessions/Activities (Self-organised)(*2)

    13:00-14:00: Lunch

    14:00-15:30: Parallel Sessions/Activities/ (Self-organised)(*2)

    16:00-17:30: Parallel Sessions/Activities/ (Self-organised)(*2)

    16:30 Onwards: Public Cultural Performances


    Forums and Assemblies (Self-organised) (*3)

    16th-18th Feb 11.30 onwards (single session or two or three sessions combined -various size rooms)


    19th Feb. 2024

    Final Day in Bhrikutimandap Venue

    09:30-13:30: Square of statements- booths/tables are provided in big halls, for participants to make contact there with movements and organizations sharing statements outcoming from the panels, activities and assemblies in the previous three days. Simultaneously Cafes and Chautaris are set up outside in the open for informal meetings in relation with those statements and contacts (or not).

    13:30- 14:30: Lunch

    14:30-16:30: at the same venue: Closing Ceremony (*4) and Cultural Program


    WSF2024 Associated Events

    9:00-17:00: 14 th Feb. 2024 Parliamentary Forum

    9:00-17:00: 17 th Feb. 2024 Intercontinental Youth Forum

    Others to come.



    (*1) The thematic spaces from where to prepare thematic panels are accessible through - info in

    (*2) Accessing bigger spaces like halls will be with criteria of having a certain number of co-organizers of the considered activity/assembly

    (*3) Spaces are available for forums and assemblies on 16 th -18 th Feb 2024 from 11:30 onwards. Possibility to register in a coordinated way several activities in successive sessions, so as to have the same physical space for the duration of those sessions  eg. For an assembly

    (*4) No speakers at the closing