09:00AM – 11:30 AM (Nepali Time)
Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu
Api Himal (Bhrikuti Mandap)
Building the World Social Forum on Transformative Economies in Colombia 2024

Saturday, February 17th

9:00 Nepal, 21:15 México, 22:15 Colombia, 12:15 Argentina

Presentation of the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies (WSFTE)

Moderation: Claudia Caballero (Multitrueke Mixiuhca)

Building the WSFTE: members of the WSFTE facilitating group


Lau Kin Chi (Global University for Sustainability)

Ashish Kothari (Global Tapestry of Alternatives)

We are particularly interested in learning about your work in each of your networks, as well as the context in which you live in your respective countries. Our intention is to bring closer the alternatives that we are working on from the different organizations and groups that are part of the FSMET with the proposals in Asia. We want to strengthen the links and invite you to participate in this forum to be held in Colombia in October of this year.

Given the economy of war and dispossession that we live in the countries of the South, the visibility and defense of alternatives to the logic of the market is necessary. We are seeing how the ultra-right and authoritarianism take over the decaying institutions, while we create international networks of solidarity and emancipation.


ASOCOOP, Banco de tiempo Kualkan, Caritas Internacional, CCGESS/UBV, CINCOOP, Escuela Latinoamericana de Economía Social de Fundación OASI, FOSPA, Global University for Sustainability, Global Tapestry of Alternatives, Latindadd, Movimiento Latinoamericano de Cultura Viva Comunitaria,  Movimiento Hacia Otra Economía Social Solidaria Popular Campesino Indígena Afrodescendiente, Multitrueke Mixiuhca,  Red Foro de Economias Transformadoras y Alternativas Colombia Lat.

Co Organizer
  • Name:
    Red Foro de economias transformadoras y Alternativas Colombia Lat.
  • Name:
    Universidad Buen Vivir-Campaña Currículum Global
  • Name:
    Caritas Internationalis
  • Name:
    Multitrueke Mixiuhca
  • Name:
    Global University for Sustainability
  • Name:
    Global Tapestry of Alternatives
  • Economic Inequalities and Economic Justice
Outcomes & Follow ups

WSFTE Colombia 2024

The World Social Forum for Transformative Economies is a space and process that is part of the process of the World Social Forum (WSF), the largest gathering of civil society to find solutions to the problems of our physical, material and spiritual territories in these times.
Directly inspired by the WSF and its Charter of Principles WSF, the WSFET is an open space of meetings about transformative economies, to intensify reflection, to carry out a democratic debate of ideas, to elaborate proposals, to establish an exchange of experiences and to articulate effective actions, establishing epistemological bridges based on trust and love, pointing out the role of transformative economies in the construction of a world where several worlds, other worlds, different multicultural worlds coexist.


The World Social Forum of Transformative Economies is a process of dialogues at the international level. Confluence between organizations, initiatives and movements of community, popular, social solidarity, feminist, commons, peasant, indigenous and afro-descendant economies.

The objective is to recognize each other from the complementarities and common objectives to the transforming economies, in order to develop articulations to give answers to our local/global challenges.

We are making an international call for the organization, design and configuration of the preparation process.
The event will be generically an open space of several days, welcoming the participation of organizations coming from all over the world to dialogue in self-organized activities and to make visible and promote their action initiatives aiming at the visibility and development of transformative economies in their various expressions.

We will seek to ensure the technical and organizational infrastructure and the encouragement for the use of an inclusive online participation modality, with online interpreters, in addition to face-to-face participation.

The FSMET 2024 event is also conceived as a manifestation of a decentralized and permanent process, with mutual visibility among participants and their dialogue activities and initiatives with possible dates for public action before and after the event.


Date : September 2024

Guests from different continents, including but not limited to:
● Europe: France, Spain, Basque Country, Catalonia, Portugal Italy, Spain.
● Asia: Hong Kong, Malaysia Fillipinas Bangladesh, Nepal, India
● Africa: Kenya Mozambique Angola, Nigeria Morocco
● America: United States, Canada
● Latin America: Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Dominican Republic,
Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay

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