14:00PM – 15:30 PM Nepali Time
Exhibition Road, Kathmandu
Manaslu, Bhrikuti Mandap.
Co-creating a Future Feminist Food System: FAIR FOOD for ALL

Context and Background:

Colonialism, racism, patriarchy, extractivism and overall exploitation of people and the planet are the root causes of the ecological and human rights crises. The inequality crisis touches every part of our societies and two that must urgently be addressed is the economy and the system in which our food is produced. The solution to the hunger, economic, inequality and climate problems are closely linked. These crises reinforce one another, and in each instance, women hold the key to a just and sustainable transition towards a rebalanced future food system.

We believe that the current global crises posit a profound transformational opportunity to profile a new vision for socially just and inclusive, and ecologically regenerative and restorative food systems. At the heart of this transformation is a radical reimagining of our food systems and agricultural economies. A reimaging which is both feminist in its operations, and which puts rural women at the front leading our shared food futures. Women have the vision and the capacity to lead, but they need governments, donors, communities, and men, and business to support them in their homes, in markets, and through progressive policies and practices.


What we are trying to Achieve in this Session:

  • Together with the session participants, re-imagine and co-create the food system that is FAIR for ALL: the people, the planet, the next generation, to combat hunger and food security, and drive just and inclusive economies from a feminist lens.
  • Exchange and engage with participants on the critical issues and dilemmas surrounding the current food system and a just transition to FAIR food system for the future, as well as actions and initiatives needed and/or taken.
  • Promote networking and collaboration among participants and existing feminist food collectives / initiatives to continue the drive towards FAIR FOOD for ALL.


  • Careful selection of panellists and participants to ensure the perspectives of and real stories from: indigenous women, feminists, rural women, climate/environmental sustainability, and food producer/workers, as well as from different geographies – Asia, Africa, and Latin America. An overall system viewpoint will also be ensured.
  • Providing space to exchange, engage and connect with each other through creative mixed approaches.




14.00 – 14.10 hrs.

Welcome, introduction and getting to know the crowd in the room.

10 minutes

14.10 – 14.20 hrs.

Sharing our proposal and ideas on FAIR FOOD system for ALL based on a feminist approach, and an invitation to jointly rethink a balanced alternative.

10 minutes

14.20 – 14.40 hrs.

Example cases of current dilemmas and trends facing the food system and people, and solutions / initiatives.

20 minutes
(4 cases x 5 minutes)

14.40 – 15.00 hrs.

Connecting the Vision with the now

Groupwork to mobilize ideas on:

  1. WHAT should the FAIR FOOD system of the future look like?
  2. WHAT need to happen?  

20 minutes
(8-10 people per group) 


15.00 – 15.15 hrs.

Groups sharing to the plenary

15 minutes

15.15 – 15.25 hrs.

Plenary exchange

10 minutes

15.25 – 15.30 hrs.


Introducing the Makhadzi Feminist Food Collective and other collective actions happening across the world, and invitation to stay connect with these collectives and each other.

5 minutes

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    Manaslu, Bhrikuti Mandap.
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    • The Global Feminist Forum (GFF)
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    Women on Farms Project
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